Taco Bell is Adding Nacho Fries to the Menu

January 3, 2018
Would you like some fries with that is a question Taco Bell employees will soon find themselves asking customers. You don't usually go to Taco Bell expecting fries but I'm sure you'll change your mind when you find out that they're NACHO FRIES. The chain finally announced that they will be rolling out the $1 item, which can obviously be upgraded to a supreme of Bell Grande status (for $2.49 and $3.49, respectively). https://twitter.com/enews/status/948657521337819136 In addition to the cheese, Nacho Fries will come topped with beef, sour cream and pic de gallo! They'll be available at every single Taco Bell on Thursday, January. 25. Sadly, they aren't permanent as the chain stated in a press release that they're only available for a "limited time," not adding what the time frame actually was. Even if it's just a day, we'll take it.