5 Reasons Why Your New Year's Resolutions Fail

December 25, 2017
New year, new me. Right? We've all been there! But it's that time of the year again.. As January 1st approaches, we'll all be making our new year's resolutions. Here's the top five reasons why they fail: already failed before you even began. Here are five reasons why your New Year’s resolution was destined to fail right from the start.
  1. You're not emotionally invested in your resolution. If you want to do something, truly do it, but if you feel like you're not 100% committed, it may not last.
  2. You're not willing to raise your standards. Sometimes a new year resolution requires you to go the extra mile. Make time for your resolution and hold yourself to a higher standard.
  3. You refuse to burn some bridges If you decide to quit smoking, you have to throw away cigarettes and ash trays, right? You have to prove to yourself that you are ready to resolve something.
  4. You don't have strong enough reasons Write down the reasons you will stick with your resolution! Refer back to those reasons when you're starting to lose momentum
  5. You're married to the belief of who you are now This one seems to be the biggest challenge because change is hard. However, if you want to change then you can! Don't be discouraged by the challenge. You can become who you want to be and succeed!
Good luck!!