TOPIC: Are You Involved In A Thermostat War?Some people like it hot, some people like it cold and it seems like no one can agree on what the temperature should be!
TOPIC: What's The Worst Excuse Someone Gave You For Being Late?Kimmie Caruba is normally on at night, but is filling in for Drew Walker this week while he's on vacation.
The Five Things That Get You PromotedAccording to a new survey, here are the top things that can get you promoted.
STUDY: The Average Person Only Relaxes For 36 Minutes a DayA new study found the average person is so stressed that they only relax for 36 minutes a day. And we make an average of three mistakes a week at work because we're tired.
A Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One NoticedHow is this even possible?!
Weekend Journal: New Year, New Job Opportunities; Heart Health in Your 20'sOur career expert predicts the hottest jobs of 2016. Plus, why young people should be more concerned with their heart health.
Weekend Journal: 2016 Career Predictions & Why Millennials Are Good With MoneyWhat jobs are hot in 2016? Why are millennials so optimistic about their finances?
Guy Spends Last Day Of Job Dunking Basketballs
Late Slip for Work after Staying up to Watch the Hawks in Triple OT!
THESE Are The Snacks You SHOULD Eat At Work!
A Guy Walked 21 Miles to Work AND Never Missed a Day!
Drinking At Work Could Help Improve Your Job Performance

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