TOPIC: Ladies, Is There Anything Your Man Refuses To Buy For You?Stylz has been married to his wife Connie for about 15 months....and yesterday she finally did it.
TOPIC: Did You Ask Your Man To Marry You?There's rumors that Miranda Lambert asked boyfriend Anderson East to marry her.
Men Are More Likely To Remember What A Woman Says If She Has A Great BodyA new study says men are more likely to remember what a woman says if she's got a great body. They say it's because of a biological instinct to get as much info about an attractive woman as possible, to decide whether to mate with her.
Is It More Expensive To be A Guy Or Girl?You probably know the answer... But exactly how much? Find out here:
Woman Mysteriously Disappers on Live TVWhere did she go?!
PIC: Woman Flashes Google Maps
The Top Reasons One In Four Women Have Said "No" To A Marriage Proposal!
What Kind OF Women Do Men Find Most Attractive!
Qualities Every Whiskey Drinking Woman Shares!
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