Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Bridget From GlenviewSo what was at stake for Bridget from Glenview in her showdown with Roman in the College of Country Knowledge?
Lee Brice Explains The Story Behind His Song 'I Don't Dance'Did you know that Lee Brice's song "I Don't Dance" was originally for an audience of one?
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Emily From West ChicagoEmail for your chance to enroll in the College of Country Knowledge!
Luke Bryan's favorite past Halloween costumeHe really rocked the look too!
John Lackey's Wife Kristina Enrolls In The College of CUBBIE Knowledge!While the Cubs have been in the playoffs, Stylz and Roman have replaced the College of Country Knowledge with the College of CUBBIE Knowledge!
TOPIC: What's The Romantic Thing You Did To Cheer Your Significant Other Up?Stylz wife Connie was having a bad day last Friday, so Stylz decided to do something to cheer her up.
Scotty McCreery is ENGAGED!!!"Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I cannot wait to begin building our life together as husband and wife."
AUDIO: We Found The Owner Of Our Lost Wedding Ring!If you listened to Stylz and Roman yesterday, you probably heard them talk to Kelly, who found a man's wedding ring on the ground at the Florida Georgia Line concert at Wrigley on Saturday.
TOPIC: Ladies, What Does Your Guy Do That Would Get His Man Card Revoked?So Stylz went to get an oil change the other day and was blasting the stereo in his Jeep as he pulled.
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Jenna From Downers GroveJenna from Downers Grove thought she had what it takes to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge?
Nashville Know-It-All: What Comes First For Sam Hunt-Music Or Marriage?What's Sam Hunt's new job?
Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren has her baby bump on full display!The bump is HERE!!!! AHHHHHH!! So excited for these two!

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