Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Chris From Villa ParkRoman's very long winning streak on Roman's College of Country Knowledge came to  screeching halt yesterday.
Honeymoon Pics: Shay Mooney Got Married Over The Weekend!
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Lisa From PlanoWas Roman able to hoist the "W" flag like the Cubs did last night or did Lisa from Plano send him into the weekend with a loss? Wanna play? Email!
TOPIC: Have You Ever Shown Up At A Party In The Same Outfit As Someone Else?Showing up wearing the same outfit as someone else usually happens to women, but it can happen to guys as well!
TOPIC: Ever Made A Terrible First Impression?Have you ever made a bad first impression? These US99 listeners sure did...
TOPIC: Did You Ask Your Man To Marry You?There's rumors that Miranda Lambert asked boyfriend Anderson East to marry her.
Kelsea Ballerini's one wedding problemYeah, that is a massive problem...
TOPIC: What Disastrous Thing Happened At Your Wedding?Most of the time, weddings come off without any problems.
What's Trending: Is The MLB All Star Game On Its Way To Wrigley Field?It's been a long long time since Wrigley Field has hosted the MLB All-Star Game.
WOW: Rascal Flatts Crashes A Wedding Before #LakeShake!This is insane crazy cool!
Nashville Know-It-All: How Many Costume Changes Is Kelsea Ballerini Planning On Her Wedding Day?When it comes to a traditional wedding, Kelsea Ballerini says her will be anything but that.
Best Country WEDDING SongsWho's having a summer wedding?!

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