Bride Throws Her Bouquet & Does Something No Other Bride Has Done: VIDEONow that's a great friend!
Companies Are Now Sending Whisky To Space To AgeWhisky will soon taste out of this world...literally.
Morning Show Tells Off Cara Delevingne, Making For The Most Painful Interview We've Ever SeenA morning show tested Cara Delevingne's patience, and she handled it the best way ever. WATCH!
Yes! You Can Now Drink Flamin' Hot Cheeto-Infused TequilaYou know you have a real addiction problem to Flamin' Hot Cheetos when you're adding it to your favorite alcohol.
This Percentage Of Millennials Are Bringing Their Mom ... To A Job Interview?!Say what?
Lady Orders A Beer For Deceased Soldier, & The Restaurant Reacts Like ThisThis one will hit you right in the heart.
This Burger Place Is Selling Slim Jim Beef Jerky ShakesSomeone get one of these to us, we have to try it!
This Lady Legally Changed Her Name So She Could Log In To FacebookYou gotta do, what you gotta do.
This Might Be The Most Awesome Chicago Wedding Cake We've Ever Seen!Who wouldn't want a cake with The Stanley Cup on top.
Apple FINALLY Allows You to Replace Your iPhone Battery: Here's HowIt's about time!
11-Year-Old Ends Relationship Like A Boss Via Text Message: LOOKWe could all take some advice from this 11-year-old.
OMG: This Is What Your Face Looks Like If You Don't Drink Enough Water!How much water do you drink a day? After reading this story, we bet you'll start drinking a lot more.

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