The Spookiest Country Songs For Your Halloween Playlist!
Stories From the Weekend: Another Busy 48 HoursWhat did you do this weekend...Tinley Park concert or CHI Speedway race or more?
Country Countdown USA: Eric Paslay Has "Friday Night" On His Mind!Lon's co-host this Sunday morning is 'Friday Night' singer Eric Paslay, who is excited to have his first Top 10 hit. Click here for a preview!
Valentine's Day: Taylor Swift's Top 10 Break-Ups!
LIST: Top 10 Cities With Single Men!Are you looking for a single man? Well according to the Huffington Post you don't have to look to far! They say Gary, IN is #4 on the list of cities with the most single men!
LIST: The 10 Embarrasing Things Kids Say!What's the most embarrasing thing your kid has said in public? One mom at The Stir came up with their own Top 10 list:
List: 10 Songs We Never Want To Hear Again!Is there a song that drives you absolutely nuts? A Club DJ shared his list with the Huffington Post, of the 10 Songs That He Never Wants to Hear Again.
List: 10 Best Daughter Daddy Wedding Songs!What was your Father Daughter Wedding Dance Song! According to, these are the Top 10 Country Father Daughter Songs.
List: 10 Date Night Ideas For Exhausted Parents!Have you ever gotten hotel room for a night just to get away from the kids? According to Your Tango, these are the 10 Best Date Night Ideas For Exhausted Parents.
List: The 10 Worst Country Songs That Were Hits!Do you have a country song that was definitely cheesy? According to the The, and their readers poll they come up with the Top 10 List of the Worst Country Songs that Were Hits.
List: The 10 Most Annoying TV Neighbors!Do you have an annoying neighbor? According to the Huffington Post these are the 10 TV Neighbors You're Glad Don't Live Next Door!
List: The 10 Germiest Things You'll Encounter Today!Don't want to catch the flu? Well you better watch out what you're touching today!

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