TOPIC: How Do You Explain Yesterday's Tragedy To Your Kids?It seems that a week doesn't go by that we don't hear of some sort of mass shooting or tragedy.
TOPIC: Did You Forget To Pick Up Your Kid From School?Roman was late picking his son up from preschool the other day and he felt terrible about it.
TOPIC: Ever Made A Terrible First Impression?Have you ever made a bad first impression? These US99 listeners sure did...
TOPIC: What Is The Stupidest Thing A Kid Ever Asked You?Ever hear a teacher say "There are no stupid questions."
Stylz & Roman Talk To One Of The Seniors That Helped Bring Brad Paisley To Barrington H.S.If your graduation was anything like ours, nobody this cool showed up to your graduation.
TOPIC: Stylz & Roman Want To Know Why You Aren't Using All Your Vacation DaysA new study claims that many workers don't take all the vacation days that they are entitled to.
Adults Reunite With Their Favorite Childhood Teachers And It's Incredible
Drew's #PenOfTheDay - Bowen High School in Chicago
How Much Should Teachers Get Paid?
WORK: Do You Love Your Job? Then You're In The Minority!
VIDEO: A Great Pep Talk For Your Kids & Their Teachers Too!
What Was Your Kid's Biggest Back-To-School Expense This Year?

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