This artist took his wife to Subway for Valentine's DayAs you can imagine, it wasn't his best idea.
Check Out The Most Popular Fast food PlacesA new survey found the most popular fast food places in the country are In-N-Out Burger, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, and Dunkin' Donuts. Chipotle was part of that list last year, but dropped off because of all their contamination issues.
Man Punched Because He Looks Like Shia LabeoufShia LaBeouf has a face that many, many people would love to punch. And that's no excuse for what happened here. But we can understand...
A Guy Takes Fake Books On The Subway...Do you judge people for what they read on the train? Because I do! And I would be creeped out by these...
Here's Jared Fogle Mocking People On "To Catch A Predator."
Guy Calls Out Couple For Obnoxious PDA On Train
WATCH: A Subway Rave
WATCH: Crazy Subway Brawl
It's National Sandwich Day - What's Your Nomination For Top Three?
WATCH: Guy Gets his "Junk" Stuck in Train Door
Is The New Halloween Subway Commercial Sexist? Is this Subway commercial sexist?
Watch: Lion King Cast Breaks Into Song on Subway

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