Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Theresa From Palos HeightsPeople call the Stylz and Roman show from a lot of weird places, but Theresa from Palos Heights may have topped them all.
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Bridget From The South SideThink you can do it? Email Stylz and Roman at!
Nashville Know-It-All: Kip Moore Doesn't Like Snapchat FiltersEver take a selfie on SnapChat and use the filter that gives you dog ears?
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Cops Caught a Car Thief After He Posted Video of Him Stealing It on SnapchatCops in Maryland caught a car thief this weekend, because he posted a video of himself stealing it on Snapchat. Then he posted another video hanging out at a bar, so they went there and arrested him.
LISTEN: Miranda Lambert Calls Drew To Chat Summer, Vice & More!
Snapchat Rolls Out Memories That Allows You To Post Old Photos To Your StoryThe new feature is rolling out this month and Snapchat will send you a message when it is available.
Epic Snapchat Face SwapBest ever!
How Those Silly Snapchat Filters Really WorkHow do those selfie lenses on Snapchat really work?
Woman Murdered In Orlando Captured Attack On SnapchatThis is heartbreaking! Amanda was with her friends at Pulse in Orlando taking Snapchat videos when the attack happened. She inadvertently videoed her attacker.
12 Terrible Things That Happen To Anyone Who Is Obsessed With SnapchatA recent study states that Snapchat makes people happier than Facebook.
Here's What That Annoying Star On Snapchat MeansTowards the end of September, every Snapchatter began noticing a little gold star next to some of their friend's username.
Feature On Snapchat Is Causing More Drama Than It's Previous "Best Friends"Snapchat has another new feature, and people are claiming it's rather deceiving.

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