TOPIC: What Did You Accidentally Sleep Through?After driving nearly 1,200 miles from Chicago to Florida, Producer Tony decided he was going to take a Cubs game because they were playing The Rays that night.
WATCH: Twin Toddlers Skip Sleep To Party All Night!
How Many Nights of Bad Sleep Does It Take Before Caffeine Stops Working?How long can you get away with substituting "coffee" for "sleep" and get away with it?
Weekend Journal: Why Adequate Sleep Needs To Be A Priority For Your HealthPlus, details on the PAWS Chicago 5k and the Burgers & Beer 5K!
You Sleep Better on Tuesdays Than Any Other NightA new study found you get the best sleep on Tuesday nights. The researchers think it's because you're not as stressed about work at the beginning of the week, and people don't usually drink too much or eat big meals on Tuesdays.
Three Ways Clutter Affects Your HealthStudies show that too much clutter can affect your health by messing with the quality of your sleep, aggravating your allergies, and it making it harder for you to focus
Weekend Journal: Sleeping for Success, Blue Light Blues, & a Restaurant Extravaganza for St. Jude!Sleep = Success. Plus, why too much blue light is bad for you. And eat to help the kids at St. Jude! Click here for all the details.
Top Five Things That Make Woman Feel GREAT!
Sleeping Alone May Be Better For You!
Weekend Journal: Celebrate the 4th by Helping a Vet with a T-Shirt from Rags of Honor!You can also go to a benefit concert to support these veterans! Details here.
15 Thoughts That Keep People Up At Night! Do You Think About Any of These?
5 Things You Need To Do To Be Successful!

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