TOPIC: What Was The Lamest Excuse That You've Ever Given?The Chicago Cubs aren't making any excuses after their loss to the Washington Nationals last night.
TOPIC: Where Did Your Child Have A 'Potty' Accident?Roman was shopping yesterday when his three year old son wasn't able to hold it and went to the bathroom right there in the middle of the store!
TOPIC: What Alcohol Have You Totally Sworn Off & Why?So backstage at Saturday's Zac Brown Band show, Stylz had a slight mishap doing a shot of whiskey.
TOPIC: What's The Worst Excuse Someone Gave You For Being Late?Kimmie Caruba is normally on at night, but is filling in for Drew Walker this week while he's on vacation.
Nashville Know-It-All: Why Tim and Faith Have Cancelled Some Recent ShowsThis might be bad news for some fans of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill!
TOPIC: How Do You Get A Toddler To Take Medicine?No matter what Roman tried, he couldn't get his son to take some Children's Tylenol for a fever he had last night.
A Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One NoticedHow is this even possible?!
Weekend Journal: Beat The Flu Bug With These Easy TipsWere you shouting "Happy New Year" or "Happy FLU Year" when the ball dropped? How to bounce back and prevent the flu HERE.
A 29 Yr Old Terminally Ill Woman Chooses To Die Two Days After Husband’s Birthday
Keith Urban Fans Get Sick at Concert
Weekend Journal: The Benefits Of Yoga; Overcome Your Cold Or Flu This Winter
List: Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick!Do you have a secret to never getting sick? According to, people who don't get sick have some tricks up their sleeves!

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