Why Did Your Significant Other Say 'We Need To Talk'When you're in a relationship, the words "We need to talk" is never a good thing.
TOPIC: Moms, Where Did Your Water Break?So there was a story in the news about a pregnant newscaster whose water broke while she was in the middle of a newscast and she actually finished the broadcast.
TOPIC: Ladies, Is There Anything Your Man Refuses To Buy For You?Stylz has been married to his wife Connie for about 15 months....and yesterday she finally did it.
TOPIC: Where Did Your Child Have A 'Potty' Accident?Roman was shopping yesterday when his three year old son wasn't able to hold it and went to the bathroom right there in the middle of the store!
Weekend Journal: Holiday SpendingChristmas shopping is all fun and games... until you see that credit card balance. Yikes! Avoid holiday debt with these tips. Plus, a pancake breakfast to help homeless animals!
The Top Ten "Naughty" Holiday Shopping Habits!
WATCH: Store Manager Gives Pep Talk for Holiday SeasonIf you work in retail during the holiday season, you could use a pep talk like this one!
LIST: Naughty and Nice Holiday Behaviors
LIST: Best and Worst Places to Shop for Black Friday
Best Black Friday Deals Here!
These Are The Best Days to Shop For the Best Prices This Year!Black Friday might not be the best day to shop!
Purchases Your Man Hides From You!

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