Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Bridget From The South SideThink you can do it? Email Stylz and Roman at!
Nashville Know-It-All: Kip Moore Doesn't Like Snapchat FiltersEver take a selfie on SnapChat and use the filter that gives you dog ears?
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Two Paramedics Arrested for Taking Selfies With Most Messed-Up PatientsTwo paramedics in Florida were arrested last week after they got caught having a "selfie war." They've spent the past YEAR trying to take selfies in front of the most messed up patients.
How Those Silly Snapchat Filters Really WorkHow do those selfie lenses on Snapchat really work?
Five Weird Things That Make People Dislike YouHere are 5 things that will apparently make people instantly dislike you...
STUDY: People Who Take a Lot of Selfies Think They're Hotter Than They AreA new study out of the University of Toronto found that people who take a lot of selfies think they're more attractive than they really are. They also think they're more likable.
Pic: Blake & Gwen Take Selfies At The Dollar Store!But first, let me take a selfie!
Pics: A Cat Taking Selfies Has Taken Over The Internet!
Brothers Take The BEST Selfie Ever With A Bald Eagle!
The Selfie Stick Defense Class
Pic: Husband Takes A Selfie While His Wife Was Giving Birth!
A Product To Help You Take Selfies With Your Pooch

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