MORONS IN THE NEWS: A Guy Charged With Burglary Says A 10-Year-Old Made Him Do ItAn 18-year-old guy in Florida was caught robbing a store last week with a 10-year-old kid. He was charged with burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, even though he swore the kid made him do it.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Two Guys Robbed A McDonald's While A Special Forces Team Was InsideTwo guys tried to rob a McDonald's in France on Sunday, while 11 members of an elite special forces team were inside. They chased the guys out and shot one in the stomach. But he survived, and they're both facing charges.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Cops Catch Burglar After He Crashes Getaway Golf Cart Into PondA guy in Florida robbed a house on Friday, then drove his getaway golf cart straight into a pond. So the cops traced the floating golf cart back to him, and he was arrested.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Man Tries To Rob Car Wash With An Empty Potato Chip BagA guy in California tried to rob a car wash on Friday, but his only weapon was an empty potato chip bag... So the cashier didn't give him any money and he ran away.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: "Robber" Turned Out to Be Son's ProstituteThis kid is definitely about to get kicked out of his parents' house. But he definitely did it in a blaze of glory.
PDA Couple At Bar Misses Armed Robbery Right Next To ThemThey were so into it... That they missed the bartender being robbed at gunpoint!
Drunk Guy Stops Robbery Then Gives AMAZING InterviewCheck out this video!
A Guy Robs A Woman In Elevator AND Then Gets Stuck in There With Her!!!
PIC: Happiest Mug Shot Ever!!
WATCH: A Robber Tries To Rob A Gas Station...
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