The RAZR Is Coming Back!Over 130 million Motorola RAZRs have been sold worldwide…
STUDY: The Key To A Successful Relationship Is Putting Down Your PhoneA new study found the key to a good relationship is putting down your phone, and doing two things instead: spending quality time face-to-face, and being affectionate.
STUDY: Ten Things We'd Rather Give Up For A Month Than InternetA new survey found the things we'd rather give up than Internet access. The top five are alcohol, junk food, exercise, dessert, and going out.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Man Locked Verizon Worker In Underground VaultA man in Massachusetts was so upset when a Verizon worker parked on his grass back in 2013, he locked him in an underground vault. But the guy called for help, and the man who locked him in just got a year of probation for kidnapping.
WATCH: Woman Trying To Park Smashes into 17 Cars...all while talking on her cellphone.
5 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Found On Their Significant Other's Phone!
Movie Characters Talking To Each Other On The Phone
WATCH: Man Jumped on Broadway Stage to Charge His Phone!
PIC: DO NOT Purchase This Gun Cell Phone Case!
WATCH: University Installs Texting Lane
WATCH: Couples Looking At The History In Each Other's Phones
WATCH: Kid Has No Idea What a Pay Phone Is!

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