Stylz & Roman's Soldier Salute: Roxanne From Oak LawnRoxanne is a proud mom of not one, but two kids that are serving in the military!
TOPIC: What Was Your Bad First Date Experience?Stylz's stepson Nate went on his first date over the weekend.
TOPIC: How Do You Explain Yesterday's Tragedy To Your Kids?It seems that a week doesn't go by that we don't hear of some sort of mass shooting or tragedy.
What Did Stylz & Roman Dress Up For Halloween As Kids?Did your parents ever dress you up as something embarrassing for Halloween when you were a kid?
TOPIC: When Were Candy Cigarettes Ever Appropriate?Stylz and Roman were talking about Halloween candy this morning and the topic of candy cigarettes came up.
TOPIC: Parents, What Do You DO To Embarrass Your Kids?As parents, it's our job to embarrass our kids right? 
TOPIC: What's The Goofy Way You & Your Significant Other Make Decisions?So when Stylz and his wife can't decide who should pick up their son from football practice they have a very simple way of figuring it out.
UPDATE: Roman's Sister On If She Or Her Brother Were Mom's FavoriteYesterday on the show Stylz and Roman had their Moms on the show to see if they had a favorite child.
Do Momma Stylz or Momma Roman Have A Favorite Child?A new study claims what many children already knew was true, most parents actually have a favorite child!
TOPIC: Moms, Where Did Your Water Break?So there was a story in the news about a pregnant newscaster whose water broke while she was in the middle of a newscast and she actually finished the broadcast.
Thomas Rhett is celebratingIf you're a parent... well, you'll get it.
TOPIC: Parents, What Are You Doing Now That Your Kids Are Back At School?Yesterday was the first day for Chicago Public Schools.

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