Why Did Your Significant Other Say 'We Need To Talk'When you're in a relationship, the words "We need to talk" is never a good thing.
TOPIC: Have Your Ever Lost Your Wallet?Losing or forgetting your wallet can really mess up a person's day!
TOPIC: Who In Your Life Are The Best Or Worst Tippers?So how much do you normally tip?
TOPIC: Are You Supposed To Pay For Other People's Kids When You Go Out?Ever take your kids and their friends out somewhere?
TOPIC: What Did You Find That You Weren't Expecting?Ever put on a pair of jeans or a jacket that you haven't worn in awhile?
TOPIC: What's The Good Deed That You Did?If you found a duffel bag with $100,000 inside, would you return it?
TOPIC: Is There Someone In Your Life That Still Uses Checks?Ever get stuck behind someone writing a check when you're at the store?
Weekend Journal: How You & Your Pet Can Stay Bug-Free This SummerPlus, today's the PAWS Chicago 5K! And, keep track of your finances with a free My Social Security Account.
STUDY: How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A First Date?A new survey asked people how much they're willing to spend on a first date.
Weekend Journal: Ten Rules For Financial Success, Breaking An Addiction To Your Ex, & Bark In The Park!Be good with money with these tips. Plus, get over your ex the healthy way. And, save animals with the Anti-Cruelty Society at Soldier Field during Bark in the Park!
STUDY: Almost HALF Of Parents Steal Money From Their KidsIf you steal from your kid's piggy bank, do you feel guilty?
Weekend Journal: A Humane Economy, Tax Tips, & St. Jude's Restaurant ExtravaganzaHow companies and individuals are taking animal welfare into account more than ever before. And, save money with these tax filing tips! Plus, help fight childhood cancer at these fun events.

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