Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Jenna From Downers GroveJenna from Downers Grove thought she had what it takes to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge?
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Groin During RobberyA guy in Ohio tried to rob a gas station yesterday, but his gun got stuck in his waistband, and he accidentally shot himself in the groin. He was rushed to the hospital and charges are coming.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Woman Pulls Gun Over Botched Chicken Wing OrderI wish I was as passionate about ANYTHING in life as this woman is about chicken wings.
A Mom Pulled A Gun On Bully Teens In A Park
PIC: DO NOT Purchase This Gun Cell Phone Case!
WATCH: Band Teacher and Gun Instructor's Version of Chelsea Dagger
WATCH: Lincoln Park Bar Owner Body Slams Intruder!
PIC: Jose Canseco's Smelly Finger Falls Off During Poker TournamentFormer MLB player Jose Canseco accidentally shot his finger off earlier this month while cleaning his gun.
WATCH: Guy Plays National Anthem with Gun
WATCH: A Machine That Folds And Shoots Paper Planes
WATCH: A Toilet Paper Roll Gun
Thug Punches A Random Stranger, Stranger Shoots Him

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