John Rich's Pool > All Other Pools*Patiently awaits pool day invitation*
VIDEO: Chris Lane Talks Falling Off Stage, FGL & More!When you fall off stage, how do you recover gracefully?
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Bridget From The South SideThink you can do it? Email Stylz and Roman at!
Keith Urban and Frankie Ballard rocking out is something you have to seeTwo unbelievably talented men!!!
Nashville Know-It-All: Luke Combs Party Needs Are Pretty SimpleSo apparently throwing hurricane parties is a thing.
Stylz & Roman Talk With Michael Ray's Dad Jerry For Father's DayMichael Ray was the first interview that Stylz and Roman did on US99 and he did a lot of talking about his Dad!
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Maria From RomeovilleMaria was getting on the train as she played Roman's College of Country Knowledge this morning!
WATCH: Garth Brooks Trades his Guitar for a Cardboard Cutout!
Watch: Woman "Plays" Dog Like A Guitar
WATCH: See What Happens When These Guys Interrupt A Street Performer
Watch: 10 Year Old Girl Given The Name "Mini Hendrix"!10 year old Ayla picked up a guitar as a little kid, and now at the age of 10 they've given her the title of "Mini Hendrix"! This girl rocks. Check out the video and let us know what you think of her skills!
'Twilight' Actor Robert Pattinson Played Guitar With Brad Paisley But Didn't Know It"There was a guy in a baseball cap and he was just playing guitars. I just thought [he] was a guy who worked there.”

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