TOPIC: What Thanksgiving Food Can You Not Stand?Is there a dish that someone brings to Thanksgiving....but nobody eats?
Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy: Thanksgiving Sideseek away, so that was the theme of today's 15 Second Frenzy!
TOPIC: What Was Your Major Party Fail?Stylz had a bunch of people over for a BBQ the other day and was just ready to fire up his grill.
AUDIO: What Food Did You HATE As A Kid That You LOVE NowGrowing up, Roman couldn't stand peanut butter.
TOPIC: What Did You Find That You Weren't Expecting?Ever put on a pair of jeans or a jacket that you haven't worn in awhile?
VIDEO: Jana Kramer Crashes Stylz & Roman's Interview With Kip Moore!You never know what's going to happen when Stylz and Roman interview someone.
What's Trending: Just How Much Food Was Consumed At This Year's Taste of ChicagoPeople consumed a ton of food at this year's Taste of Chicago!
What's Trending: Was Visiting The White House Bad Luck For The Chicago Cubs?So yesterday, The Chicago Cubs met up with President Trump at the White House.
TOPIC: What Do You Have That Is Way Past It's Expiration Date?Did you know that Vick's Vap-o-Rub can go bad?
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes You'll Actually LikeTurkey pot pie and turkey chili, anyone?
The Secret to a Good First Date: Ordering the Same FoodA new study out of the University of Chicago found that when people on first dates ordered the same food, it instantly built trust and camaraderie and increased the odds that they'll go on a second date.
The Average Cost Of Throwing A Barbecue This Summer Is $56It will only cost you $56 to throw a barbecue for 10 people this summer, according to a new survey.

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