Stylz & Roman's Call Out Your Crappy Ex Round 2Stylz and Roman got some many calls from people looking to call out their crappy ex's that they decided to do Round 2 today!
Should The Toilet Paper Roll Be Over Or Under?Stylz and Roman debate the serious topics on their show.
What Is The Stupid Thing That You Fought Over?All couples have arguments.....and sometimes its over the stupidest things!
When Is The Last Time You Stuck Your Foot In Your Mouth?Ever said something that you wish you could take back?
TOPIC: What Is Your Thanksgiving Horror Story?Sometimes things go really wrong on Thanksgiving!
TOPIC: Have You Ever Gotten Into A Fight At Work?The Chicago Bulls are fighting mad...but unfortunately it's with each other.
TOPIC: The Craziest Thing You've Seen A Parent Do At A Little League GameSometimes parents, especially at Little League games, can get a little crazy when their child is playing!
BREAK-UP: What Possession Did You Fight Over?
List: The Five Fights Couples Have During The Holidays!
The 9 Fights To Have With Your Husband!

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