Luke Bryan stops mid-performance to help fighting couple*SPOILER* It didn't help much...
TOPIC: What Disastrous Thing Happened At Your Wedding?Most of the time, weddings come off without any problems.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Two Couples Get Into a Bar Fight Over Someone Passing GasTwo couples got into a fight at a bar in Florida last week over someone passing GAS. One guy ended up punching another guy in the face.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: A Couple Got Into A Physical Fight While Showering TogetherEven if you're in a relationship where you're constantly fighting, there are certain places where you'd think you'd get along. But this couple proves there is NO safe zone.
McDonald's Employee Attacks Manager In front Of Stunned Customers
Two Drunk Girls Got Into A fight While White Water Rafting
Watch: Some Alaskan Moose Have A Street Fight In Someones Driveway!
Two drunk Guys Get Into A Fight, Then Suddenly Start Hugging
WATCH: Roman Candle Fight in Streets of Chicago!
Parents Fight About This The Most When It Comes To Their Kids!
WATCH: Woman Gets Shovel To The Face During Fight
WATCH: Cubs Mascot Punches Guy At Bar

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