INTERVIEW: Thomas Rhett On Diapers, Hating Barney & More!How good are Thomas Rhett's diaper changing skills?
Wishing These Country Star Dad's a Happy Father's Day
Nashville Know-It-All: How Many Costume Changes Is Kelsea Ballerini Planning On Her Wedding Day?When it comes to a traditional wedding, Kelsea Ballerini says her will be anything but that.
Stylz & Roman Talked To Rick Mooney, Shay's Dad (From Dan & Shay)When you want to get a dirt on a celeb, one of the best places to go is their parents.
TOPIC: What Did Your Dad Catch You Doing?Sunday is Father's Day.
Stylz & Roman Talk With Michael Ray's Dad Jerry For Father's DayMichael Ray was the first interview that Stylz and Roman did on US99 and he did a lot of talking about his Dad!
The Mayor Of Geneva Makes A Father's Day Proclamation!
Teach Your Ol' Dad New Music: 13 Young Acts Your Classic Rock Loving Dad Will EnjoyYou may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but we do think it's possible to hip your good ol' dad to some great new music.
10 Best TV Dads, Ranked By ArchetypeGot a favorite TV dad? We round up 10 of our favorites and arrange them by archetype. See where your own dad fits in.
The Average Person Will Spend $116 For Father's Day And Other Statistics!
Weekend Journal: Get Dad What He Really Wants For Fathers Day-- A Good Burger!From the grill, to family trips, to being father of the bride, dads wear many hats! Today, a Fathers Day show covering all these topics. Get the details HERE!
Trish Biondo's Nashville Hotline: Luke Bryan on Fans, & Father's Day Thoughts From Your Fav Stars

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