Do Momma Stylz or Momma Roman Have A Favorite Child?A new study claims what many children already knew was true, most parents actually have a favorite child!
UPDATE: How Did Roman's Weekend Potty Training Go With His 3 Year Old Son?Last Thursday Roman talked about how he was going to spend three days in a row potty training his son.
Stylz & Roman Talked To Rick Mooney, Shay's Dad (From Dan & Shay)When you want to get a dirt on a celeb, one of the best places to go is their parents.
Stylz & Roman talked To Thomas Rhett's Dad, Rhett Akins For Father's Day!Thomas Rhett isn't the only famous person in his family.
What's Trending: George Clooney Is A Dad!Sure, he'll be in his mid 70's when they graduate high school, but George Clooney has become a dad for the first time at age 56.
MUST SEE: Cole Swindell "You Should Be Here" Video To His Late Father!
WATCH: Dad Tries To Get Young Daughter To Promise She Will Never get A Boyfriend
Big Ray Is Rollin' Home
Terrible Teens: Can You Believe This?
FUNNY: 9 Year Old Writes Fake Sick Note!Has your kid ever pulled a fast one on you? A little 9 year old boy went to the great length of writing this note to his dad!
Story Of The Day: Soldier Meets Son For the First Time!Sgt. Brandon Niles returned home from Afghanistan and got to meet his 10 month old son for the first time! Niles was shipped out just 3 days before Braedon was born, and the two got to exchange looks at the Sacramento Airport as his fiancee held the little guy in her arms!
Who's Your Daddy?There was a suspicious Facebook post that he is saying he didn't post on his Facebook. It was a picture of him and a picture of Michael's oldest son with the caption "Hmmmm." He says he didn't post it. (Prince's mother was an assistant to this Doctor.)

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