Stylz & Roman's Call Out Your Crappy Ex Round 2Stylz and Roman got some many calls from people looking to call out their crappy ex's that they decided to do Round 2 today!
Stylz & Roman Want You To Call Out Your Crappy Ex!Valentine's Day is just a couple of days away, but for some people, it's not the happiest of days!
What Of Your Ex's Did You Keep After The Breakup?Even though he's backtracking on it now, there was a story recently that Gwen Stefani's ex Gavin Rossdale was still wearing his wedding ring.
STUDY: Top Seven Reasons People Facebook-Stalk Their ExesA new survey found 64% of us have tracked down an ex on Facebook. The main reasons are to find out who they're dating, or to see how their career is going
STUDY: If You're Friends With Your Ex, You Might Be A PsychopathA new study found people who stay friends with their ex are more likely to exhibit the traits of a psychopath. The main reason people stay friends with an ex is because they want something from them... from emotional support, to sex.
Jake Owen Covers His Tattoo Of Ex Wife's Lips By Doing This!Jake Owen and his wife Lacey are getting a divorce and it really must be over!
WATCH: People Read The Last Text They Got From Their Ex
WATCH: What You Think When You First See An Ex
56% People Hold On To Mementos From A Past Relationship!
What Should You Do If You Bump Into Your Ex?
LOVE: Valentine's Day Cards For Your Ex! What would you write in a Valentine's Day card for your ex? We compiled some of the best ones that we got on-air this morning.
YOUR EX: Do You Still Have Their Stuff?

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