TOPIC: What's The Weird Thing That Your Child Swallowed?Roman's niece ended up in the ER the other day after swallowing a toy stone!
AUDIO: What Food Did You HATE As A Kid That You LOVE NowGrowing up, Roman couldn't stand peanut butter.
Weekend Journal: Holiday SpendingChristmas shopping is all fun and games... until you see that credit card balance. Yikes! Avoid holiday debt with these tips. Plus, a pancake breakfast to help homeless animals!
Watch: Guy Downs 4 Chipotle Burritos In 3 Minutes, Plus A Diet Coke
Do You Pay Your Kids To Eat?
WATCH: 3 Year Old Busted Eating Cake Decorations! Ever catch your kids in a little lie? TOO CUTE! This 3 year old thought he was going to get away with eating some sprinkles and cake decorations while his mom left the room! Watch the interrogation below!
DISTRACTIONS: What's The Craziest Thing You've Done While Driving?

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