TOPIC: What Was The Lamest Excuse That You've Ever Given?The Chicago Cubs aren't making any excuses after their loss to the Washington Nationals last night.
TOPIC: How Many Traffic Tickets Have You Received?Remember Rachel Dratch, who played Debbie Downer on SNL?
TOPIC: What Do You Do While Your Driving That You Shouldn't?So this morning, Roman decided to bust out Stylz for something he does while driving.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: A Woman Who Was Praying With Her Eyes Closed While She Drove Crashed Into A HouseYou know that when you ask Jesus to take the wheel, it's just a metaphor, right?
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Shuddle: New Uber Service for Kids
WATCH: Dancing Ambulance Driver!
WATCH: How Guys Drive Vs. How Girls Drive
Friends Prank Man With Five DUI's
Watch: Dog Needs Held Hand While DrivingWe all know that dogs are man's best friend.
What Are You Hoarding In Your Car?

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