TOPIC: Inviting Divorced Couples To A PartySo Roman is getting together the guest list for an upcoming Christmas party But he's having a dilemma.
TOPIC: Did You Forget To Pick Up Your Kid From School?Roman was late picking his son up from preschool the other day and he felt terrible about it.
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Kathy From PlanoYou can get your chance at beating Roman by email!
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Sean From The South SideWas Roman intimidated that his opponent, Shawn from the South Side, is a police officer?
What's Trending: Jay Cutler Has Already Unretired!Former Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler had announced that he was retiring and was about to become a broadcaster for FOX Sports.
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Linda From New LenoxSo who challenged Roman in the College of Country Knowledge this morning?
STUDY: 19% of People Would Leave Their Significant Other If They Won The LotteryKeep this in mind if your husband or wife ever wins the lottery and starts screaming, "I won! I won!" instead of "We won! We won!"
A New Company Will Give You a Loan For Your Wedding AND You Only Pay It Back If You Get Divorced!
Watch: Woman Getting Divorced So She Can Marry Kip Moore After Meet & Greet!
Women Are More Likely To End Marriages Than Men!
What The What! Jake Owen Announces Divorce After 3 Years
Trending Today: All About The Breakups

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