AUDIO: Jerry From The Salvation Army Thanks Stylz & Roman's Listeners For Their Diaper DonationWhen you do something good, it's always cool to have someone be appreciative of your efforts.
Nashville Know-It-All: How Does Carrie Underwood Stay In Such Great Shape?It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to stay in the shape that Carrie Underwood does.
INTERVIEW: Stylz & Roman Talk To Maren Morris About Sam Hunt, Elton John & Even Doggie Diapers!
UPDATE: How Did Roman's Weekend Potty Training Go With His 3 Year Old Son?Last Thursday Roman talked about how he was going to spend three days in a row potty training his son.
TOPIC: What Was The Surprise You Weren't Expecting When You Brought Your Child Home?Stylz and Roman recently talked to Thomas Rhett and he admitted something surprising.
TOPIC: What Did You Accidentally Throw Away & Had To Dig In The Garbage To Find?Would you chase after a garbage truck, follow it to the dump and dig threw bags to find a wedding ring you accidentally threw away?
Nashville Know-It-All: Jason Aldean & His Wife Are On A Baby-Moon!So have you ever heard of a baby-moon?
You Think You're Busy? Watch This Mom Vs. Her Triplets & Toddler!Could you tackle the diaper-changing task this Mom does? It's her versus her three triplets & toddler too!
Country Countdown USA: Florida Georgia Line Needed Diapers on New Years EveI guess it's hard to get through the crowd at Times Square on New Year's.
Celeb News: Mariah Carey Is A "Diva" About Changing Diapers!
Would You Use Wireless Diapers On Your Kids?
Nashville Hotline: Brad Paisley "Busting At The Seams" For Fans To Hear New Music!

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