TOPIC: Couples That Wear Matching Halloween CostumesWhen Maren Morris' significant other Ryan Hurd was in town a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned to Stylz and Roman that he and Karen were planning on being Katy Perry and the Left Shark for Halloween.
Couples Who Get Drunk Together Stay TogetherA new study found couples who get drunk together have the happiest marriages.
Sleeping Alone May Be Better For You!
The 5 Fights You Don't Want to Have Over the Holidays!
Top Fights EVERY Couple Has! Love THIS!
6 Absolute Must-Haves For Relationship Compatibility
What Fights Are You Constantly Having With Your Significant Other?
What Does Your Spouse Do For You Daily, That You Love?
Valentine's Reads: When Love Needs Help
Kissing: How Long Is Too Long?
List: 30 Things Every Couple Fights About!What are you and your significant other fighting about? According to the The Stir these are the Top 30! Do we need to add anything?
Survey: How Intimate Are You?How do you compare with the rest of America? A new book called, "The Normal Bar" got responses from more than 100,000 people during their survey to find out how intimate Americans are with their significant others!

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