Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Emily From West ChicagoEmail for your chance to enroll in the College of Country Knowledge!
TOPIC: Ladies, Do You Help Dress Your Man?"Fix A Drink" singer Chris Janson was in town last night and openly admitted that his wife helps pick out his clothes.
TOPIC: Are You An Over Packer Or An Under Packer?Roman went to California for a couple of days last weekend and brought only a carry on.
STUDY: You'll Spend At Least Five Months Of Your Life Deciding What To WearGuys... Do you really spend 13 minutes a day deciding what you'll wear?...
7 Unsexy Things You Wear That Actually Turn Men On!
PICS: National Dress Your Pet Day!
Your Clothes Can Now Smell Like Whiskey (No, We Aren't Kidding)The only thing better than having your breath wreak of alcohol is having your clothes smell like it, too!
There's No Way Your Golf Pants Are Cooler Than Bill Murray's
This Is The Way To Do Laundry!
Survey: Women Take 90 Minutes To Decide On Clothes?
Fashion: Miley Cyrus SHOCKS With New Super Short Hair Cut And More Skimpy Clothes!
Just Asking: Do You Dress Your Man?

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