Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Deana From Fox River GroveDeana from Fox River Grove wants to beat Roman in the College of Country Knowledge so she can get that $100 to buy a new Chicago Blackhawks jersey!
TOPIC: Have You Ever Gotten Into A Fight At Work?The Chicago Bulls are fighting mad...but unfortunately it's with each other.
INTERVIEW: Dustin Lynch Tells Stylz & Roman Why He's Not Nervous About His New AlbumI guess when you've already had a couple of #1 hits off an album that hasn't been released yet, you don't get all that nervous.
What's Trending: The Internet Is Losing It Over Sammy Sosa's AppearanceSammy Sosa was at the ESPYs the other day and all people seem to be talking about is Sammy Sosa's appearance.
OMG! Have You Seen Jimmy Butler's Insane Shoe Closet?This is the craziest closet I have ever seen ... and it's just for SHOES!
What's Trending: Jimmy Butler Is No Longer A Member Of The Chicago Bulls!We told you that this was gonna happen!
What's Trending: Why George Clooney Is A Billion Dollars RicherGeorge Clooney has two new twins at home and a billion dollars more in his bank account!
What's Trending: Has Jimmy Butler Seen Has Last Day As A Chicago Bull?Are the Bulls planning on trading Jimmy Butler?
What's Trending: Would You Wear A Hairy Chested Bikini?Will this be the latest fashion trend this summer?
LOOK: Jimmy Butler's High School Jersey Number Retired!This is so cool!
Bulls Sign 17-Year-Old Fan Who Suffered Liver Failure The Bulls will have a new guard on the bench when they host the Nets on Wednesday at the United Center.
WATCH: Jimmy Butler Loves Luke Bryan Just Like We Do!

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