Stylz & Roman's Call Out Your Crappy Ex Round 2Stylz and Roman got some many calls from people looking to call out their crappy ex's that they decided to do Round 2 today!
Stylz & Roman Want You To Call Out Your Crappy Ex!Valentine's Day is just a couple of days away, but for some people, it's not the happiest of days!
TOPIC: What Celeb Would Your Significant Other Give You A 'Free Hall Pass' On?It's never right to cheat, but often times couples have that one or two celebs that'd they'd let their significant other cheat with if the situation ever arose.
TOPIC: What Disastrous Thing Happened At Your Wedding?Most of the time, weddings come off without any problems.
INTERVIEW: Did Luke Combs Let Stylz & Roman Shave Part Of His Beard?Before he performed before a sold out crowd last night at Joe's on Weed Street, Luke Combs sat down with Stylz and Roman!
STUDY: One in Three People Secretly Know Their Partner's Social Media PasswordsAccording to a new survey, one in three people secretly know the passwords to their partner's social media accounts. And the main thing they want to find are messages that show you're cheating.
Pregnant Woman Destroys Cheating Boyfriend's Car
Man Fakes Proposal To Dump Cheating Girlfriend
VIDEO: Girl's Reaction When She Sees BF Cheating On Camera
Women Who Are Better Looking Than Their Boyfriends Are Probably Cheating!
Sources Say Ben Affleck "Admitted" He Cheated On Jennifer Garner!!!
Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating & Publicly Shames Him In The Worst Way EverAs Carrie would say, "maybe next time he'll think be he cheats..."

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