Have you seen Tyler Hubbard's "Push Present" for his wife?!It's so romantic!!!!
TOPIC: Have You Ever Gotten Into A Fight At Work?The Chicago Bulls are fighting mad...but unfortunately it's with each other.
TOPIC: Where's The Weirdest Place You Ever Got Ready?Singer Lindsey Ell admitted in a recent interview that she once shaved her legs in an airport bathroom.
Kane Brown's birthday gift to his mom is extra special this yearShe was so worried about her Kane after the Vegas shooting, she got her car repossessed... and then Kane did something that brings tears to our eyes.
TOPIC: How Did You Crack Your Cellphone Screen?Ever set your phone on your lap while you're driving and forget it's there?
What's Trending: Guess Who Is Coming Back To Monday Night FootballIt's been awhile since Hank Williams Junior was a part of the Monday Night Football open.
Kane Brown Reveals He Used to Live in a Car with his MomThings didn't always look so bright for Kane Brown.
The 10 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do While You're DrivingA new survey found the most annoying things passengers do when you're driving.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: A Woman Who Was Praying With Her Eyes Closed While She Drove Crashed Into A HouseYou know that when you ask Jesus to take the wheel, it's just a metaphor, right?
Five Habits That Are Killing Your Gas MileageHere are five things you probably know can kill your gas mileage, but you might still do them anyway.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Carjacker Busted When He Shows Up In Victim's "People You May Know" On FacebookA man in England caught the guy who carjacked him last year, when his photo showed up as one of his "People You May Know" on Facebook.
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Robber Forced His Victim To Let Him Use the Bathroom Before Stealing His CarA robber in California stole a guy's car last week, but before he took it, he made the guy let him into his apartment to use the bathroom. Once he was done, he drove off in the car, and the cops tracked him down about an hour later.

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