TOPIC: What Did You Steal Out Of Your Kids Trick or Treat Bags?Kids usually get more candy than they could ever possibly eat on Halloween.
Country stars x HalloweenWho has your favorite costume(s)?!??!
TOPIC: When Were Candy Cigarettes Ever Appropriate?Stylz and Roman were talking about Halloween candy this morning and the topic of candy cigarettes came up.
Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy: Halloween Candy EditionHow many Halloween candies do you think you could think of in 15 seconds?
TOPIC: What's The Romantic Thing You Did To Cheer Your Significant Other Up?Stylz wife Connie was having a bad day last Friday, so Stylz decided to do something to cheer her up.
Adopt a Sweetie at Dylan's Candy Bar This Saturday!Candy + Puppies = Perfect Saturday
MORONS IN THE NEWS: Woman Beat Up Husband For Giving Her Wrong Flowers And Candy On Mother's DayA woman in Florida was upset when her husband gave her the wrong flowers and candy on Mother's Day... So she beat him up, and was arrested for domestic battery.
Top Halloween Candy In Illinois! And All 50 states!
People Are Losing It Over M&M's New FlavorMove over pumpkin spice - there's a new fall flavor in town.
Drew's #PenOfTheDay - Field Packaging Group in Bedford Park
WATCH: Kids Trying Warheads For The First Time
PIC: My Daughter's DIY Halloween Costume!

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