What's The Most Romantic Thing You're Significant Other Did For You?The last couple of days, Stylz and Roman have been taking calls from people who weren't all that excited for Valentine's Day.
Stylz & Roman's Call Out Your Crappy Ex Round 2Stylz and Roman got some many calls from people looking to call out their crappy ex's that they decided to do Round 2 today!
Stylz & Roman Want You To Call Out Your Crappy Ex!Valentine's Day is just a couple of days away, but for some people, it's not the happiest of days!
What Are You Using To Scrape The Ice & Snow Off Your Car Windows?The weather today (and for the next couple of days too) is a mess!
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani do NOT do this togetherEvery couple has that ONE thing!
VIDEO: Lauren Alaina Tells Stylz & Roman Why Steak & Shake Holds A Special Place In Her Heart!Can a girl get a vanilla shake?
TOPIC: What Did You Find That You Weren't Expecting?Ever put on a pair of jeans or a jacket that you haven't worn in awhile?
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Taylor From ElginIf you want to play, if you're from Elgin or not, you can do so by emailing Mornings@US99.
STUDY: If You're Friends With Your Ex, You Might Be A PsychopathA new study found people who stay friends with their ex are more likely to exhibit the traits of a psychopath. The main reason people stay friends with an ex is because they want something from them... from emotional support, to sex.
Pic: Miranda Lambert Cuddling With Her New Man!
Bored Guy Annoys His GF With Puns At Ikea
Men Answer What Makes A Good Boyfriend! Surprising Results!

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