Who doesn’t want to avoid a hangover!!  According to Huffingtonpost.com, here are six other tips that are all backed by science:

1.  Eat things that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, like fruit, vegetables, and fish.  And stay away from anything too fatty.

2.  Drink clear liquor like vodka or gin.  Some people think it’s a myth, but a study found that dark liquors like whiskey DO give you a worse hangover because they have more toxins called “congeners.”

3.  Don’t drink cheap liquor.  Again, it has more toxins. Including methanol, which gets metabolized into formaldehyde in your body and makes you feel like crap.

4.  Don’t mix alcohol and caffeine, because it makes you more dehydrated.  And studies have also found that when caffeine is in your system, it’s harder for you to tell how drunk you are.  So you drink too much and regret it the next morning.

5.  Don’t smoke.  A study found that college students who smoked cigarettes while they were out drinking ended up with worse hangovers.

6.  Drink water while you’re out.  It’s the most obvious one, but people still forget to do it.  Half the reason you feel bad the next morning is because you’re dehydrated. 



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