Fans of the Chicago franchise have to buckle up for yet another emotional goodbye.

Torrey DeVitto, who plays Dr. Natalie Manning on Chicago Med, revealed that a main female character will be leaving the show this season.

“Anybody who leaves, you always feel their absence. We actually have a cast member that’s leaving us this year — I can’t say who yet because you’ll find out — and oh my gosh, we definitely have felt the weight of her absence,” Devitto told US Weekly at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. “She’s just the best … I think people really love her. But it works for the story and it adds that drama … any time somebody exits from the shows, it is like leaving a family!”

But our “educated” guess is that it’ll be Rachel DiPillo.
Her character Reese was recently stripped of her badge after she pepper-sprayed an agitated patient who got a little too close for comfort. While her inexcusable actions may have spared his life — mandatory tests following the attack revealed a serious medical condition — it still raises a serious issue with Reese’s ability to do her job. One cannot continue working as a psychologist if they cannot get over their fear of being attacked/assaulted by patients that are, oftentimes, unstable.

Our second guess would be Merkerson. To the doctors, Sharon Goodwin is the backbone of Med, but corporate leaders don’t see it the same way, especially as the hospital loses money, oftentimes due to Goodwin’s good-willed and ethical decisions. It’s possible they will replace her with someone who doesn’t have the patients’ best interest in mind,  sending the Med staff into a disheveled frenzy.

But like I said, no matter the scenario, it is a huge loss to the extremely talented cast.

Chicago PD suffered a similar blow last year when Sophia Bush (Detective Lindsay) abruptly announced her departure from a series that once again made her a household name following her tenure on One Tree Hill. Her character accepted a job with the FBI in New York and while her absence has been felt, it has also allowed the series to become more character-driven and offer more screentime to the other actors working under Hank Voight in Intelligence.

In other words, Med won’t fall to the ground because of this exit, but the transition will be rocky for die-hard fans.



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