Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Katy From Roscoe Village

Katy from Roscoe Village was playing for someone special, her best Stevie.

Oh yeah, Stevie isn’t a person, it’s actually her dog!

Did she graduate or flunk out of Roman’s College of Country Knowledge this morning?

Email for your chance at facing off with Roman!

Today’s Questions and Answers:

  1. Russell Dickerson says Tyler Hubbard’s house has everything you could ever want…including a basketball court, professional dirt bike track, pool and hot tub. What group is Hubbard a part of? (Florida Georgia Line)
  2. Miranda Lambert said in a recent interview that her life used to be about the three M’s…music, mutts and men….but she’s replaced men with Miranda on that list. What is her current boyfriend’s name? (Anderson East)
  3. Darius Rucker just released his fifth country album, which equals the amount of albums that he released when he was part of what band? (Hootie and The Blowfish)
  4. Kenny Chesney will play Soldier Field next summer. Name the two big name acts that will be opening up for him. (Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion)
  5. Name the Taylor Swift album that featured the songs “Shake It Off”, “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” on it…. (1989)
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