There’s A Terrifying Update To The ‘Dear David’ Ghost Story (PHOTOS)

Author: Kasper

Remember a couple months ago when I first blogged about Adam Ellis’ ‘Dear David’ tweets? If you missed that, here is the entire blog. It’s long, but worth it.

In summary, an artist for Buzzfeed started having strange dreams and occurrences that were happening around his apartment. He has been documenting everything on Twitter and called the ghost ‘Dear David.’


Again, you can read all the threads in one place in the blog linked above. It’s pretty chilling stuff. The debate is out there on whether or not this is all real, but if he is making it up, hats off to him because this would be a pretty elaborate lie.


Now that you’re caught up to speed, Adam started tweeting about David again last night. His experiences have been terrifying, but this takes the cake. 










Turn up the brightness on your phone or computer for this next part.













Goodbye.Sitting here in the studio like…


Move, dude. Just move.(h/t Alex)
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