Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Cassie from Portage

It’s the Friday edition of Roman’s College of Country Knowledge!

Did Roman head into the weekend with a win or did Cassie from Portage hand him a loss? for your way to enroll into college for your chance!

Today’s questions and answers:

  1. This singer revealed in a recent interview that he tried yoga for the first time the other day….but joked that no…he wasn’t wearing yoga pants when he did it. Who is he? (Darius Rucker)
  2. Sam Hunt says that he won’t be shaving this anytime soon because his wife is a fan. What is he talking about? (His beard)
  3. Reid Perry had to have an emergency appendectomy and chronicled the whole thing on Instagram. What band is he a part of? (The Band Perry)
  4. Kid Rock announced the other day that he WILL NOT be running for Senate. If he had, what state would he have represented? (Michigan)
  5. This singer just got married to a woman named Hannah Billingsley, who also happens to be the mom of their nine month old son Asher. Who is he? (Shay Mooney)


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