Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani do NOT do this together

Author: Kimmie Caruba

Listen, there is NO reason a couple needs to do EVERYTHING together, in fact, there should be somethings you do just with your guys/girls or alone. That thing for Blake and Gwen? Fishing.

There’s no harm in TRYING to share some of your favorite activities with your significant other, but in Blake’s experience with Gwen, it’s hard to make fishing one of those things.

In a recent interview, he revealed, “Gwen’s not really into fishing at all. In fact, getting her out on the water, if it’s too hot, she won’t even get out then.” He continued, “So, you’ve got to have the perfect day to get Gwen out there.”

On those perfect days? (That we’re sure are few and far between)
“We love to get out there and just float around. We don’t fish, we just hang out together.”

So, pool/lake day is a yes. Fishing? A pretty hard no. What is something you can’t do with your significant other? Tweet us @US995 & @kimmiecaruba

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