Big Trouble: Country superstar scheduled an album release on their wedding anniversary

Author: Kimmie Caruba

It doesn’t matter if you’re country superstar, as a husband you’re not allowed to forget an anniversary!!!

Technically (and luckily) for Luke Bryan, he didn’t quite FORGET his 11 year anniversary with his wife, Caroline. But he DID happen to schedule something rather time-consuming on the day, Dec. 8th…. an album launch. Yep.

Luke Bryan admitted in a recent interview that when they were picking a date for the new album, and a bunch of options were getting thrown out, he said yes without really thinking it through.

When he did realize though, and tell his wife… Luke recalls that she said, “Hmmm, interesting day for an album release.”

Album release days, as you can imagine, are insanely busy for artists, which also makes it hard for him to celebrate the day, but it sounds like he’s going to do his best to make the New York launch of the album a romantic getaway as well!! Good luck Luke!!

Did we mention he apologized profusely?!


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