Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Jill From Montgomery

Jill emailed Stylz and Roman because her daughter won’t get out of the car and go in to school until she hears if Roman won or lost in the College of Country Knowledge.

They decided to have Jill and her daughter Kamryn on the show to try for themselves to see if they could graduate!

You can get your chance at taking down Roman by email!

Today’s questions and answers:

  1. Rocker Tom Petty passed away last week. In June Petty performed with what country singer at Wrigley Field? (Chris Stapleton)
  2. Several country music stars have made the transition into acting, including Carrie Underwood who was a part of this live TV musical that aired back in 2013. What was the title of it? (The Sound of Music)
  3. The judges on the current season of The Voice are Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and…..who? (Blake Shelton)
  4. Wynonna Judd had to cancel a recent concert after an undisclosed medical emergency. Judd’s younger sister is a famous actress. What is that actress’ name? (Ashley Judd)
  5. Leann Rimes had a HUGE hit with the song “How Do I Live” back in 1997, but so did another artist at the same time. That singer is currently the wife of Garth Brooks. Who is she? (Trisha Yearwood)
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