Finally. Instagram’s new feature has been a long time coming.

The app’s latest update finally allows you to see who follows you back.

The update now features a portion RIGHT under your profile that tells you if a profile is following you back.

Up until now, if you went onto someone’s profile, even a friends, you wouldn’t have any idea if they were following you back, unless you scrolled through heir massive followers list to find your name. Seriously, no one has time for that except for dedicated stalkers.

So I guess Instagram is making it easier for you to stalk friends and family and then call them out for not being loyal followers of you and your brand.

followsback Instagrams New Feature Now Lets You See Who Follows You Back


Surprisingly, and possibly for the first time ever, the update has rolled out to Android users first, with the promise of an iOS update imminent.

The people of Instagram are delighted by this news, as you can tell by their joyous tweets:

Now, if they could just get our timeline to show up in chronological order. I hate seeing posts from 4 days ago at the top of my feed!



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