Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Karli From Naperville

Stylz and Roman were looking for someone to step up and challenge in today’s College of Country Knowledge and Karli from Naperville ended up being that person!

If you want to be like Karli, email for your chance at Roman’s College of Country Knowledge!

Here’s today’s questions and answers:

  1. Dave Haywood and his wife Kelli are expecting their first daughter, and the singer admits the prospect is both exciting and terrifying.  What group is Haywood a part of? (Lady Antebellum)
  2. Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice appeared on a celebrity version of this game show recently.  The show is hosted by Steve Harvey.  What game show is it? (Family Feud)
  3. “Somebody Else Will” just became the seventh number one single for this singer.  Who is it? (Justin Moore)
  4. Forbes estimated that Florida Georgia Line’s annual income was $36.5 million. Which member of FGL is going to be a dad soon? (Tyler Hubbard)
  5. This “Heartache on the Dance Floor” singer started writing songs at age 12, and by 14 had formed his own small band.  Who is he? (Jon Pardi)
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