Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Michelle From Hoffman Estates

Do you have the guts to challenge Roman in the College of Country Knowledge like Michelle from Hoffman Estates did?

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Today’s questions and answers:

  1. Dan and Shay know how tough it can be to travel with pets….because they take their dogs on tour with them.  What Shay’s last name? (Mooney)
  2. The music video for the song “Something I’m Good At” features this singer dressed in a suit setting off a chain of events as he walks down a street.  Who sings “Something I’m Good At”? (Brett Eldredge)
  3. Which member of Lady Antebellum is expecting twins? (Hillary Scott)
  4. Chris Lane received a gold record for his song “For Her” a couple of minutes before hitting the stage at this iconic Chicago venue a couple of weeks ago. Where was Lane performing? (Wrigley Field)
  5. Maddie & Tae announced their own fashion denim brand called Black Daisy the other day.  What Maddie and Tae song made fun of bro-country? (Girl In A Country Song)
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