Stylz & Roman Talk With Wounded Soldier Brought On Stage At Zac Brown Saturday!

William is an Iraqi War vet that was wounded in battle and was awarded a Purple Heart.

Saturday at the Zac Brown Band show at Wrigley Field, he was awarded a mortgage free home!

Stylz and Roman talked to him this morning and his story was amazing!

When he was injured during his second tour of Iraq, he was more worried about the soldiers that he was with than himself!

So how did William feel standing in front of that many people at Wrigley Field?

“It was humbling.” he told Stylz and Roman!

Funny thing is, William is a White Sox fan because he’s from the South Side!

Stylz and Roman want to salute the Soldier in your family too!

If you have someone in your family, you want to honor, email

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